The Coda Community Support Services Team is here to help! You can find us on the 5th floor East, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Our helpline is (404) 374-7378 or

Our team is here to support the students, faculty and staff within the Coda Building and to ensure smooth operations for Georgia Tech spaces.


The services we provide include:

  • Assistance with building operational issues
  • Assistance and space reservations for events and meetings at Coda
  • Building access questions and issues
  • Building walkthroughs
  • Digital signage management (non-GTRI screens)
  • Electrical device / battery recycling
  • Lockouts / keys / physical access questions or issues
  • Mail and package receiving
  • Parking validation management for guests
  • Printer / copier management for multi-function stations on each floor
  • Administrative support functions for academic neighborhoods

Package Deliveries

The CSS receives all incoming mail and packages on behalf of the GT tenants housed in the building. 

To receive mail or packages in the building, make sure they are addressed as follows:

GA Tech/Floor or seat assignment


756 West Peachtree Street 

Atlanta, GA 30308

Large shipments on pallets are not allowed to be sent to the coda building. Any large shipments delivered on a pallet will be refused and turned away. 

Cardboard Recycling

All cardboard boxes should be emptied, broken down to be flat and placed near Trash receptacles or in the copy/print centers labeled Trash or Recycle. Please email should boxes linger and have not been picked up after being processed properly. 

All boxes broken down can be taken down to the Loading Dock on LL2 and put in the recycling dumpster if possible. 

Team Members

  • Administrative Team
    • Admin professional III, John M. DuConge'
    • Admin professional Sr. Joy Bryant
  • Building Management Team
    • Building Coordinator, David Graham
    • Facilities Manager Sr., Brooklyn Beck
  • I&S Manager
    • Exec. Director for Sustainability and Building Operations, Alex Ortiz
Coda Staff 2023