Coda Community Support Services (CSS)

The Coda Community Support Services Team provides operational support for the Coda Building and administrative support to academic and research neighborhoods within Coda. Meet our team and services. Our office is on 12th floor East, and we are open 8am-5pm. Need help?

  • For general questions and requests, you can reach the CSS team weekdays 8am-5pm, Wednesday's 8-4:30pm by phone (404-374-7378), email (, or in the 12th floor East CSS suite.
  • Need a location for a meeting or event? We can also help Georgia Tech Coda residents with that! Please email to explore opportunities. You can learn more about available spaces on the "Meetings @ Coda" webpage. 
  • Are you an external entity wanting to have a meeting at Georgia Tech? for a list of campus venues that rent space.
  • The ServiceNow "Coda" tile has helpful articles, guides, and information in an easy to access format. It is also the easiest way to submit service or access requests. Please check it out!
  • Portman Holdings provides onsite security 24/7. The security desk is located in the Lobby, and can be reached at (404) 920-2510.
  • Tours have resumed! Our GT Student Ambassadors offer tours the 3rd Friday of every semester. Check out our tours page for dates and more information. 
  • The Collective provides food and coffee options for Coda inhabitants and guests. A full list of vendors and menus    
  • Looking to film or photograph in Coda? Filming in Georgia Tech spaces should follow Institute guidelines. Filming or videography is not allowed in the Collaborative Core or other Portman-managed spaces without prior approval. Contact to submit a request.

Need A/V Help? There's a ServiceNow Knowledge Base article that can help! Please read the article to learn how to request immediate audio/visual support in the Coda Building.

Accessing Coda

Coda is a Portman owned building in which Georgia Tech is just one of many tenants. As such it is a controlled access facility reserved for GT staff and students that have an assigned seat in Coda or their direct collaborators. 

The normal business hours for Coda are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Coda is divided into East and South towers. Office and room numbers will usually start with an E (“East”) or S (“South”).

Tenants will be required to use their building approved ID cards to access the card readers located at the elevator lobbies.

The Tenant is responsible for ensuring access for visitors before they arrive at Coda.

Visitors-Non-Coda Tenants- must be preregistered, by a tenant of Coda, via Visitor Management System for elevator and floor access.

Visitors must check in/out at the Security Lobby Desk on the Lower Level upon arrival, providing a valid photo ID.  Security will provide visitors a temporary visitor pass to access the elevators in the lobbies in Coda.

After-Hours Access Security Hours: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week Security Console Telephone: 404-920-2510

Portman’s 'Returning to Coda' safety protocols

Returning to CODA- A Safe and Conscious Journey to the Workplace


Coda is a first-of-its-kind offering new opportunities for researchers and research neighborhoods to collaborate. This vibrant part of Midtown Atlanta is home to a mix of businesses, partners, and Georgia Tech community members.

Coda’s innovative architecture is designed to foster an entrepreneurial experience for each occupant and visitor is heralded as a distinct offering for the Georgia Tech community.  

Whether you are part of the Coda neighborhood or just visiting, we hope these pages provide critical information and links to helpful resources


Location & Hours

Coda Building Address:
756 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Ga. 30332
  • Business hours for Coda are: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday-Friday.
  • Building security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 470.400.3341 for more information
  • Driving directions are provided on the "Find Us" page