This information is for Georgia Tech residents of Coda. If you are in GTRI, please consult your local administrators for any additional guidelines.


  • What can / can't I do in Coda? As our landlord, Portman Holdings has building rules and regulations that it is very helpful to be aware of. Please click here for the latest version.
  • Film or photograph in Coda? Filming in Georgia Tech spaces should follow Institute guidelines. Filming or videography is not allowed in the Collaborative Core or other Portman-managed spaces without prior approval. Contact to submit a request.

Report Issues

Conference Rooms/ Events/Meetings

  • How do I schedule a conference room? Any Georgia Tech occupant can schedule one of the GT Conference Center rooms on floors 9-13 through Outlook. Simply search on "Coda..." in the location search field to find options. ServiceNow has a Knowledge Base article listing all conference rooms and full capacity numbers (requires GT login).  
  • How do I schedule an event/meeting in the 9th floor Atrium space? For scheduling the Atrium, please contact the Coda CSS team to discuss needs and options ( For more information on the Atrium event space, please see the  page.
  • Where should my guests / colleagues park? The closest campus parking is in E81, adjacent to the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center on Spring Street. 
  • How do I set up meetings and events for the Fall? Consult the  for the latest guidance and ideas.

Deliveries and Packages

Successful package deliveries depend on including ‘Georgia Tech’ and as much addressee detail as possible.   There are other organizations in this building and adding Georgia Tech will get it at least delivered to CSS team.

UPS, FedEx and other small package deliveries should be addressed as follows:

Georgia Tech/Unit or Floor #Name/contact phone756 West Peachtree Street Atlanta, Ga.  30308

      •OIT-  use the 10th floor as the destination location; the admin team on 10 will accept packages.

      •GTRI- use the 6th floor as the destination location; the central desk will accept packages.

      •Other GT Residents-  Direct your packages to 12E.

Returning Packages: Tenants must contact the courier to initiate to get a Return label. Couriers will not pick up the package without a return label.  Bring the package with the Return Label on the package to CSS 12E.