Q: How do I get access to the building?
A: Building access is generally given to those who have an assigned seat in the building or is working with a professor on a specific project. The staff and faculty over the space you are trying to gain access to can submit an access request on your behalf. If the person submitting the request isn’t already on the access list, access will not be provided.

Q: I got a new Buzz Card and my card doesn’t work. What should I do?
A: Submit a ServiceNow ticket confirming your GTID as well as your Buzz Card information located at the bottom left corner on the back of your Buzz Card and the access team will work to fix the issue.

Q: I used to have access but now I don’t, is there a reason?
A: For those who do not use their access frequently, we ask that you reach out to staff and faculty members you work with to add you to the visitor management system for days you need access to the space or pick you up in the lobby. If you feel you need access added to your Buzz Card, submit a ServiceNow request.

Q: Where should I park when visiting the Coda Building?
A: Parking is available for an hourly rate in the Coda garage (entrance on 4th street) and nearby Georgia Tech parking decks E81 (760 Spring Street) and E82 (Centergy, 5th and Williams Street). For more information on parking and directions can be found on our find us page.

Building Amenities

Q: What is there to eat/drink near coda?
A:In the lobby of the building the Collective food hall provides a wide selection of food services for your convenience. This is open to the public.
Costa coffee located at the 4th and W Peachtree St. entrance provides a variety of drinks and snacks.
To-go snack stations are located on the 2nd and 8th floors for your convenience.

Q:What if I lose/find something in the coda building?
A: All items found within Georgia Tech space should be brought to the CSS team located on the 5th floor. If it is found in a public space, the item should be brought to building security.

Q:Can I get on the roof of coda?
A: Access to the coda rooftop is automatically added to the profile of those who have general buzz card access to the building. The roof is open to tenants from 8a- 5p daily.

Q:I want to watch a game/match in the courtyard, can I request the channel to be changed?
A: A request can be made to change the channel in the courtyard by emailing codabuilding@gatech.edu. Note that the courtyard is public space and will not be reserved or roped off.

Q:Can I reserve one of the spaces in the collaborative core?
A:The Collaborative Core is open to all tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is not available for reservations or private events.

Q:Can we hold a photoshoot at Coda?
A: There are some restrictions to doing a photoshoot in coda. For a full list of rules or assistance coordinating this, email codabuilding@gatech.edu.

Q:Are there any wellness spaces?
A: Wellness rooms can be located on floors 7,10,13 &16 in the kitchen areas within the East suites. These spaces are meant for meditation, prayer, privacy space for mothers or if you just need a minute of silence. There no code to get into the room and we ask that you leave the space as you found it, if not better.

Directions and parking

Q:How do I get to the coda building?
A:The Coda Building is located at: 756 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Ga. 30332. Here is how to find us:

Driving from I-75/85 Southbound: take exit 250 (10th/14th Streets). At the end of the exit merge to your left (2nd lane from the left) to make a left hand turn onto 14th Street. In 2 blocks turn right onto Spring Street, continue 0.7 miles and Coda will be on your left, just past the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Tech Square. Parking is available in the Coda Building deck or the Georgia Tech Tech Square parking deck immediately across Spring Street.
Driving from I-75/85 Northbound: take exit 250, exit onto 14th Street to the East (right). Take the 2nd right onto Spring Street, continuing .7 miles and Coda will be on your left, just past the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Tech Square. Parking is available in the Coda Building deck or the Georgia Tech Tech Square parking deck immediately across Spring Street.
Public Transit: use Marta exit at the North Avenue Station located at 713 West Peachtree Street. This station is just south of Coda.
Georgia Tech Stinger / Trolley: take the Yellow Express or Trolley to Tech Square, access Coda from the Spring Street. (near GT Hotel or 760 Spring Street)
Walking from Central Campus: walk east over the 5th Street bridge, reaching Tech Square and Coda in about 15 minutes.

Q:Where can I park?
A:Parking is available for an hourly rate in the Coda garage (entrance on 4th street) and nearby Georgia Tech parking decks E81 (760 Spring Street) and E82 (Centergy, 5th and Williams Street).

Parking Rates

Coda garage parking: $2/15 minutes, max $24/day. .
Georgia Tech parking (E81 and E82):hourly at $2/hour, max $15/day.
Metered street parking along Spring Street and 5th Street also available.

Q:I'm visiting in a golf cart, where should I park?
A:For safety, Georgia Tech Golf carts are not allowed in the Coda courtyard or parked near emergency egresses. Golf carts can be parked in one of the parking decks listed above as an alternative.


Q: I’ve come across something that needs to be moved, fixed or adjusted. What should I do?
A: Submit a Facilities Request in ServiceNow and the CSS team will assist.


Q: Are there any conference rooms in the coda building?
A:There are Georgia Tech conference room centers located at the core of floors 9-13. All GT conference rooms are bookable via outlook.

Q: Is there somewhere I can take a quick call or meeting without booking a room?
A:Huddle rooms and phone booths are located throughout the GT suites. These rooms are meant for quick unscheduled meetings or calls that need to be taken.

Q: Can I use the Atrium for a meeting?
A: All Atrium requests for tenants should be submitted via serviceNow. All GT affiliates who would like to book the Atrium should email codabuilding@gatech.edu to request an event formad.

Q:Can I cater my meetings when having them in the coda building?
A: A link to the list of our approved catering vendors can be found on our meeting spaces @coda page.

Q:Can I have alcohol at my meeting?
A:Alcohol may be served at Georgia Tech events on-campus only with prior approval from the Office of the President or its designees. Once approval has been received, the Georgia Tech organizer must comply with the procedures outlined in this policy.

All persons must comply with federal, state, and local laws and the policies of Georgia Tech and the Board of Regents governing the use, possession, manufacture, distribution, dispensation, and sale of alcoholic beverages while on the Georgia Tech campus and at Georgia Tech events either on- or off-campus.

Q: Can I host a meeting for my club/ organization not affiliated with Georgia Tech tenants in coda?
A: Only organizations with a worktag number who can provide a workdoc number at the time of reservation will be allowed to book special events through the Community Support Services team. All external companies and organizations are not allowed to hold events in Georgia Tech spaces.

Q:Is there a space that can hold 50+ people?
A: Georgia tech's Atrium can hold up to 80 people in a variety of different set ups. Refer to our meeting spaces @ coda page for more information.

Q: What is the biggest conference room in coda?
A: The largest conference room in Georgia Tech space holds 25 around a U shaped set up with auxiliary seating around the perimeter of the room.

Q:Can i reconfigure furniture in the conference rooms for my meeting?
A: All conference room setups should not be moved as the AV equipment is built into the setup. For assistance on ideas to fulfill your needs, reach out to codabuilding@gatech.edu.

Q:Does the CSS team provide decorations and linens for events in the atrium?
A: The CSS team provides only basic furniture for requested setups in the Atrium. Any decorations will need to be brought in by the host.

Packages and Deliveries

Q: I want to receive packages at the Coda Building. How do I do that?
A: The CSS receives all incoming mail and packages on behalf of the GT tenants housed in the building.

To receive mail or packages in the building, make sure they are addressed as follows:

GA Tech/Floor or seat assignment
756 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308

Q: I got a message from the courier saying my package was delivered. Where can I pick it up?
A: The CSS team will reach out directly once a package is handed off to them by the courier. Please be patient as they process package for the entire building. Reach out to codabuilding@gatech.edu for any issues or concerns with your package delivery.

Q: I have a large shipment coming in, is there anything I need to do?
A: Large shipments on pallets are not allowed to be sent to the Coda building. Any large shipments delivered on a pallet will be refused and turned away. Should you need to receive large equipment or a large number of items at the same time, email codabuilding@gatech.edu with information on the shipment and delivery information and the team will work with you to receive your delivery.